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As you’re probably aware by now, you can apply to teach in Korea in two main ways (you can also go through the Fulbright, or apply directly to each school, which I would not recommend as a first timer). You can apply through a recruiter, like Korvia, whom I have heard a great deal of pleasant things about. Or you can apply directly to the EPIK program. There are certain advantages and disadvantages to each. I’m going to discuss teach in Korea through recruiters or directly.


  • Advantages: If you want to specifically teach in a private school (hagwan) I’d go with a recruiter. Things are still iffy in my opinion, but they’re going to help you sift through everything and come out with a better job. If you want to apply to GEPIK, and get a job in the Seoul area, it’s probably a good idea to go with a recruiter as they can send your application directly to schools (not all of them, though, some just forward you application so look around if you want to go this route) as this is a huge advantage. Otherwise, recruiters aren’t going to do a ton, however, they’re easy. They will guide you through everything and the process will overall be a little less confusing and more straightforward – but if you’re just looking for an EPIK position anywhere, you don’t really need this.


  • Disadvantages: If you want to be the first one in line for EPIK? You won’t be through a recruiter. Your application will be much later due to all the reviewing and vetting. If you’re looking for a competitive area, you likely won’t get it this way. I wouldn’t recommend a recruiter unless you’re looking for a hagwan, GEPIK, or a very specific city.


  • Advantages: For EPIK, your application will be first in line for whichever area you put as your preference – as long as you submit your application the first day or so they open. You can also apply to different schools directly (not through EPIK) and have a lot more control over placement and potentially a slightly higher salary.


  • Disadvantages: Things are going to be a bit more up in the air, they aren’t going to be as “hand-hold-y” as a recruiter will be.


If you’re picky about where you want to go but aren’t applying to GEPIK/hagwans, directly is the way to go.

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