2020 Travel Plans

This is just a quick update post on my current 2020 travel plans!


I‘m going to be working in Changwon, Korea until the beginning of September. This means I’ll still be doing a lot of weekend travel around Korea. I plan to re-visit Gyeongju. I also am intended to go to Jindo and Boseong in April. I still haven’t made it to Namhae despite making plans to go repeatedly. I also wish to visit the Haeinsa temple to do a temple stay 😀 There’s so many more things for me to see in Korea and I’m always looking for suggestions!


It’s already happened and I went to Japan! For 10 Days I headed east across Japan from Fukuoka, to Osaka, to Nara, to Kyoto (with a daytrip to Wazuka), before finally ending in Tokyo. It was fantastic, but I am kindof missing the more relaxed travel I experienced as a student. I think part of me misses “living” in another country while exploring.

IMG 4151

One of the most visually compelling sights I found in Nara, Japan


As I write this post I am one day away from heading on a 16 day trip to Italy. I will be stopping in Rome, Naples, Capri, Florence, Bologna, Rimini, San Marino, and Venice. Some of these are just for a few hours on the way to other places but I’m excited to get a broader view of what Italy will have to offer.


I‘m not entirely sure what I’m going to do in March yet. I probably won’t travel until the end in order to get some rest. The new semester starts in March and I’m sure it will  be quite hectic.


I will almost certainly be exploring Jindo (where there is an annual “parting of the sea” where you can walk on the seafloor!) and Boseong (home to the majority of mainland Korea’s tea production), and potentially Gyeongju again in this month.

IMG 3132

A beautiful fall scene featuring the tomb mounds of Gyeongju!


I am headed to Taiwan for 6 days! Because it’s not that long of a time, I will be primarily in Taipei. I think I will take a daytrip to Hualien City for the tea, and Jiufen for the atmosphere. The more I look into the more I’m excited about…the food? That almost never happens but Japan shocked me with it’s delicious food and now I’m eager to explore even more.


I‘ll finally head to Haeinsa and Namhae I think. It gives me enough time to prepare and sort out these more complicated trips.


I‘m not sure exactly when my summer break will happen, but probably by the end of July I’ll be headed (hopefully) to Uzbekistan! I’ll have another 16 days to see as much of the country as I can, with stops in Tashkent, Samarkand and Bukhara.


Part of Uzbekistan will be in here too. But I’m going to focus this month on revisiting the places I loved most. Maybe I’ll head back to Suncheon and finally see the Bay. I’ll need to have a weekend or two to pack up my boxes and mail them home.


Around this time my parents will hopefully be coming to visit as I finish my contract. We’ll go camping around Seoul and I’ll finally visit Jeju Island. On my way home I’m planning a week-stay in Singapore.

October and Beyond

I‘m hoping I’ll have time to rest and visit family in New York again but who knows. My current plan is to join an ice skating show in Europe (most likely Germany)

And that’s my 2020 Travel Plans! I hope it gives you an idea of what posts you can look forward to 🙂

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