Ok, so, long time no see. Yes, I’ve been gone, but the good news is that’s not going to happen anymore! And my 2019 travel plans are full of adventure.

I have officially graduated, my thesis is done, and I’m setting off! I’ve made some rather large decisions concerning the direction of my life and I will be making a post about taking risks and “living” at some point soon. However, I thought I would give you all a general update of where I, and this blog, are heading.

For American Travel

Over the next six months I will be (hopefully) exploring Iowa, as it will be my base of operations. The town I will be in is quite small (Waterloo, Iowa) but I actually find it one of the cutest and most peaceful little towns. I am hoping to use my time there to get this blog back on track and to tackle my novel. It is looking like I won’t have a car, so this should be highly interesting!

I will be taking a short trip to NYC and upstate New York, and will give details on travel by train in the US (something a surprising amount of travelers both American and foreign seem unaware of). My grandmother and extended family make their home in upstate NY, and while there honestly isn’t much to talk about there (the area they live in is farm country), it certainly is pretty to look at.

I will be seeing some of St. Louis. My family is moving from Wichita, at long last, and making their way to St. Louis. I am thrilled because this means airfare will generally be cheaper! Despite spending much of my time in Iowa, I foresee myself flying out of St. Louis, so I will make time to explore the city.

At the moment these are the main areas of domestic travel. I am going to be very busy learning Korean, working on this blog, and finishing my novel.

Korea travel plans

For International Travel

South Korea. It’s official. I will be moving to South Korea at some point come July/August. The current plan is to work as an English teacher for at least a year. I am pursuing many avenues to accomplish this, applying to a recruiter, directly, and through the Fulbright program. I will have a post up at some point describing these various avenues and how to go about applying. While the Fulbright is highly competitive, I am hopeful that my previous travel experience and academic pursuits will give me a good shot.

Either way, I’m going! South Korea is going to be great not only in order to give me the free time to continue this blog, but also to travel to other countries. My current plan is to spend at least 50% of my weekends traveling – about 35% around South Korea itself, but the remainder to nearby countries.

Weekend trips to Taiwan and China are already in the planning stages, and longer Winter/Summer breaks in Japan and Italy are of interest. For Korea itself, the last time I was there I was only able to explore Seoul – while I fully intend to revisit the city (perhaps by arriving a week or two early) my main focus will be on seeing the rest of the country. Trips to Jeju Island, Korea’s “Hawaii” (it looks nothing like Hawaii but it’s popularity as a honeymoon location makes it so), to the seaside towns of Busan, and to the tea fields!

Stay tuned for more about my adventures and 2019 travel plans ~


*Pictures are not my own, as I have yet to visit these places, they are from Pixabay.

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