An England Travel Itinerary

I feel like I got to see a lot this past summer on my trip to the UK to study at Oxford University. Unlike my previous trips, I found myself with a lot more free time. Due to this I was able to see Wales, Scotland, and a fair amount of England while studying for 6 weeks. However, there are always things you miss with every country you go to. Heck, I only went to Seoul, South Korea, and there was so much I missed just in Seoul! There’s always so much to see and do. Here’s my England Travel Itinerary, with what I would do if/when I have the opportunity to go back to England.

York (5 Days)

I didn’t know anything about York until it was far too late for me to see it, as I was leaving in just a couple days. As though to tease me, suddenly gorgeous pictures of York were everywhere on the internet. There was an infatuation, almost, all to my dismay. I want to go through the largest Maze in England (Maize Maze). I want to see medieval everything. I want to see gorgeous countryside. How had I never heard of this place other than in nursery rhymes? It’s amazing how much is out there that can just slip past you!

abbey york uk england

An abbey in York, I do so love any building that crumbles ūüėõ

Liverpool (3 Days)

I was only in Liverpool to head over to North Wales to see Snowdonia. I took a bus tour that wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, but I did enjoy both Snowdonia and Liverpool. I was not expecting much from a place with a name like “Liverpool,” I’ll be entirely honest. It goes to show that one shouldn’t judge before looking into things, as I wound up being shocked by how interesting Liverpool was. Now, I’d like to go back for 2-3 dedicated days to wander around for real!

IMG 20180612 085624

The Liver building complete with fantasy Liver bird, Liverpool.

Hadrian’s Wall (8 Days)

I actually had been almost entirely unaware of this piece of Roman history in England up until recently. After reading this post, I felt surprisingly inspired to do this walk. The most I’ve ever walked was 10 miles (about 16km) in Florida (which is very flat and soft), but this feels like it could be a great training situation for some of my more “exercise-y” dream trips. I think it would also give me a better feel for many of the smaller villages in the English countryside. Although I enjoyed the little stops on my various bus tours, they left me feeling a little sad or bored, depending. I think if I was able to spend the night I would have a much better experience. As such, I’d give myself a week to do this walk so I can take it easy and enjoy.

england hadrien wall uk

I saw some views like this over the course of some train journeys, I’d love to walk in this! Hadrian’s Wall.

After careful looking, I think I would walk from the west to east, that way I have that lovely sea breeze at my back and I can stop in Newcastle for an extra day at the end to recover.

Brighton (3 Days)

I meant to see Brighton this past summer, but I found myself too tired during my 9 days in London to make it there. As such, I didn’t really make it to the seaside in England, only in Wales (Cardiff and Conwy). I’d like to experience the true British seaside experience for real! I think I’d give myself another 3 days here, to truly relax after the walk on Hadrian’s Wall. My favorite type of beach is always surprising to people who hear I’m from Florida. I actually prefer rocky beaches to the typical pit of fine sand. While Brighton doesn’t have dramatic cliffs that I also prefer, it does have the rocky-ness!

brighton pier england uk

A pier in Brighton – ah, it makes me miss Florida!

And that’s all folks! I hope you enjoyed my England travel itinerary.

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