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There’s really not a ton to do in Boseong – so I wouldn’t recommend it for more than a weekend. But it is completely worth that weekend! In this Boseong Travel Guide I’ll give you all the details for how to plan a fabulous time in Bosoeng, South Korea.


  • Costs
  • Top 3 Things to See
  • Weekend Itinerary
  • Where to Stay
  • How to Get There
  • Conclusion


Costs (prices in Korean won)

Bus Ticket (Busan): 21,100

Train Ticket (Seoul): 45,000

Local Bus: 1,350per ride

Taxi from Town: 11,000

Coffee: 4,000

Meal: 6,500-10,500

Resort Room: 95,000

Entrance Fees: 4,000


Top 3 Things to Do

The Fields (4,000krw)

Of course the main attraction in Boseong is the tea fields themselves – and boy are they gorgeous. Although I have only seen tea fields in Japan (in Wazuka) I have seen many pictures. Few tea fields are as nicely decorated as Boseong. But then, this is Korea! Of course they go the extra mile, adding Japanese Maples, flowering cherries and azaleas, and gorgeous towering pine tree-lined paths.

IMG 6214

Also they’re some of the most beautiful tea fields ever!

Ocean Lookout

This is within the tea fields for which you’ll already have paid the entry fee. If you continue all the way up the path through the tea, you will reach a lookout point. Look for the word 바다 on the signs if there isn’t a crowd to follow. Depending on the day you go you may not be able to see the ocean. Or, like the day I was there, it was a bit hazy and the islands appeared to be floating on the horizon. Some people don’t like that kind of view, but I loved it. It made the islands look like Avalon.

IMG 6256

Yes, that’s an island in the ocean in the distance!

Green Tea Foods

They’re everywhere! We indulged in ice cream, cookies, chocolate, noodles, lattes, and actual green tea. Make sure you sample all of the delights. I will say I found the actual tea to be a little one-note but it’s certainly not bad. The chocolate and the ice cream are my top recommendations.

IMG 6180 1

Look at that perfect swirl!

Weekend Itinerary

Day 1: 10:30 Arrive

Catch yourself an early train from wherever you are and head to Boseong. You’ll probably be arriving around 10:30. If you’re staying in the Boseong town-proper, drop off your bags before you head to the taxi/bus. I took a taxi simply because I no longer trust countryside buses. Countryside buses will generally get you where you need to go but not necessarily pick you up at the time you thought. Or will decide the bus stop is now in a different place than the sign and you miss it. But, you can take buses 70, 70-2, 70-3, and 70-8. It takes about 30 minutes and a taxi takes 15.

11:30 Ice Cream!

You will save some money if you buy your ice cream outside of the park. It also makes a nice snack to tide you over until your bigger lunch. There are several stands, the cheapest of which is at the start of the climb to the park – only 2,000w!

Then, make the short climb to the fields. Feel free to take a moment to admire a scenic field to the left.

IMG 6321

Its just such a perfectly split tree…

Pay your 4,000won entry fee and head in! Take time until lunch to wander the fields.

12:30 Lunch

Head over the the Green Tea Restaurant on the second floor. I recommend you sit outside on the small balcony and people-watch 😛 The green-tea donkatsu is really just regular donkatsu but it’s still good. The green tea jajangmyeong has actual green tea noodles and overall it was pretty excellent.

2:00 Shopping!

Now it’s getting to the hot point of the day so it’s the best time to check out both gift shops. The one below the restaurant primarily sells teaware and snacks. The snacks are well worth a couple purchases – the chocolate is especially good. The other gift shop sells the actual tea and some nice tea-related merchandise. Sometimes this giftshop has tea tasting experiences and that might be worth your time if you don’t know anything about tea!

2:45 Ocean Views

Now is the time to hike up to the top of the hill. It will be hot, but it’s the best time as the sun should be to your right at the top. Hopefully this will cut out the likelihood of haze, and it won’t be quite as hot as your hike up the mountain places the mountain between you and the sun during most seasons.

It’s very nice to sit up there for a little while and contemplate the view, if it’s not too busy when you go.

3:45 Sunset

If it’s hot out pick up a chilled matcha latte and get ready for the sun to start going down, casting fabulous shadows.

IMG 6317

The stunning sunset that is so difficult to take photos of…

And that’s it for this day! You’ll likely be very tired out so head back to your hotel!

Next Day:

You can either head home or to Yulpo beach. The beach is pretty plain but the spa, Yulpo Green Tea Spa, gets some good ratings. It’s another 15 minute taxi ride or you can take the buses 70, 70-1 70-2, 70-3, 70-4, or 70-5.

Where to Stay

There is literally one option in this Boseong travel guide.

Boseong Green Tea Resort

Your only option close to the fields, lowest price coming in at around 95,000 a night for a very standard, not-special room. I actually don’t think you have to stay close to the fields as you will probably only explore them for one day. So I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this place. But, shockingly, it’s actually the cheapest option. There’s not even a 24hour jimjilbang!

IMG 6325

Its nice enough but not for the price

Other options that other bloggers have mentioned (such as a motel or a farmstay) no longer seem to be available.

How to Get to Boseong

Your main option will be the train. You can take the train for 49,000 each way from Seoul and it will take around 4 hours and you will need to transfer. If you are trying to come from somewhere else, such as Changwon or Daejeon, check out my post on how to take the train in Korea to book tickets!

Organized Tours: Sometimes places like Goh Travel Korea or Adventure Korea will offer trips to Boseong. If you’re coming all the way from Seoul this might be the best option for you.


Although it can be difficult to get to, it ranks in the top three places that I have been to. It’s one of the most beautiful tea fields I’ve ever seen. And one of the most open – the park lets you wander through the buses at your leisure. So trusting! The vibe was simply wonderful, everybody was happy to have a nice day exploring the fields. I hope you’ve enjoyed this Boseong travel guide!

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