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Well, I have returned from Italy! I had an absolutely amazing time but have been fighting off my worst case of jet lag in four years. For the last week it’s been a struggle for me to feel the urge to do much besides play video games and attempt to make pasta again (good news! It went well and my rosemary beef ravioli were a success!).

In other (Coronavirus) news, I am in self-quarantine after returning from Italy. The start date for the new semester for all Korean schools has been pushed back until March 23d. I don’t think anyone would be surprised if it got pushed back even more. My school didn’t want to chance it, despite our cancelling the Venice portion of our trip. So, I am to stay home for two weeks to cover the incubation period of the virus. I had to leave my house for the first time in four days to get trash bags and wondered if my neighborhood had always looked so inviting. To say I’m getting incredibly sick of staying indoors is an understatement. I hate being bored on the best of days. Literally not being able to do anything about it is driving me insane now that I’ve recovered from jet lag.

I’m not sure what’s going to happen with the school schedule because of the virus. Pretty much everyone is in the dark. I already booked my flight to Taiwan at the end of April but I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s cancelled. Once my quarantine is over, despite there being no students at school, contract teachers like myself are still supposed to come in. Most schools are offering to allow teachers to stay home at reduced pay but I can’t do much at home anyways. I might as well be bored at work and earning money than bored at home getting poorer.

Right now I am filling my days learning Italian and guitar, some cooking, and lots of video-gaming and youtubing. One thing I can say for sure is that returning to Italy re-confirmed my love for the country and I will absolutely begin working towards my citizenship as soon as my contract is up in Korea.

I‘ll have more posts up specifically about the Coronavirus situation soon!

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