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For the past three years I have primarily been able to travel through school. However, I just graduated from university! This means a lot more travel that does not have an educational side to it. While I love to learn, I am a little tired of mandatory class attendance while on the other side of the world. As of May, 2019, I am moving to South Korea for a year! Look forward to many travels to the surrounding countries of Japan, China, Taiwan, and so on!

My specialty is over-planning and then ditching everything as soon as I arrive. After three years of travel I have finally learned how to pack light (see the incident involving 6 flights of stairs in Paris). I like spending longer periods of time in each place I visit, I am not a “check it off the list” person.

What else? I am a lover of tea, solo travel, and finding ways to get off the beaten path. As an aspiring linguist, it’s important for me to learn some of the language of each country I visit, and I’ll share those tips with you.


This Tumbleweed’s Top Ten Unvisited?

  • Faroe Islands (Denmark)
  • Guatemala
  • Uzbekistan
  • Bhutan
  • Mongolia
  • Armenia
  • Panama
  • Greece
  • Tunisia
  • Mali


Where Have I Been?

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Where Fleur Has Been

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An Exhaustive List


  • Japan (January!)
    • Fukuoko
    • Kamakura
    • Kyoto
    • Osaka
    • Tokyo


  • Taiwan (Soon!)


United States: 

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Where Fleur Has Been US