A Rocky Horror Showing in Wichita

Some of you may be wondering what exactly a Rocky Horror showing is. If you’ve never been to a traditional screening of this classic movie, with call out lines and over-the-top dressing, have you truly ever gone to college? For some reason, the showing at my first school in Florida epitomizes my college experience. I relived that this October here in Wichita, and I hope to make it more of a tradition in every town I visit.

The Orpheum Theater in Wichita is worth a visit just because it’s a nice building and a fun place to go watch a show anyways. But the Rocky Horror Picture Show Event is something special. Now, it’s best to have watch the movie beforehand, as it does get very loud and very rowdy (which is part of the whole point). It’s not like your typical movie showing. They don’t have subtitles like my first showing had, so it’s good if you know the movie fairly well. I also recommend you look up some of the call-out lines as there aren’t any provided.

If you’ve seen a show before and are familiar with it, I’d recommend getting the goodie bag as it looked like fun, including an instruction card if you aren’t super familiar. Things like a water gun, rubber gloves, confetti, etc. These are provided in the goodie bag for a reasonable cost that I cannot recall.

For $10 it’s a whole lot of fun and honestly I can’t wait to see it again wherever I wind up next Halloween.

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Image Source: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/3/3e/The_rocky_horror_picture_show.svg/640px-The_rocky_horror_picture_show.svg.png

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