SeeWales Bus Tour Review Romans & Ruins, Cardiff

I do not have as many photos of this tour as my phone, which hates the cold, decided to punish me by quitting about halfway through the tour. It was here I was finally suckered into buying a tapestry, which I can’t really regret but I did spend an inordinate amount of time agonizing over. Much like Mad Max Tours this was a smaller, 16 people tour. Check out my SeeWales Bus Tour Review!

The Caerleon Roman amphitheater, it was so much fun to wander around with zero people!

Caerleon and Roman Baths

The See Wales tour started with Caerleon. I loved it here! It was amazing to see a Roman amphitheater outside the Italian weather. It was lush and completely empty so I got to hop around without worry. We also went to see the Roman Bath Ruins nearby. It was here I realized my dream of one day having a mini Roman/Korean bath system in my dream home. I bought the guidebook from the giftshop.

Tinturn Abbey

We moved on to Tinturn Abbey. Amazing. Absolutely amazing, there was something about the abbey completely missing its roof and glass that made the experience otherworldly. I don’t think I can even describe it but to give you all some pictures. It was here I dithered for a half hour over whether to buy the tapestry. There’s something about UK giftshops, they have items you actually want to buy? They are very different from the average tourist shop, by far.

The inside of Tintern Abbey, with huge windows without their stained glass

One of the coolest and most majestic places I’ve ever been to, Tintern Abbey

Next, we moved on to the nearby Abbey Mill Craft Center where I was nearly tempted into buying a sheepskin, but I abstained due to fear of not fitting it into luggage. I didn’t buy lunch here, but most everyone else did and it looked pretty good although I knew the portion sizes would be too large for me. I instead wandered around the woods and the more distant village, which was quite enjoyable.

Raglan Castle

Finally, Raglan Castle. This was the only real castle I visited in my entire trip, and I do hold by the idea that once you’ve seen one of each type (this being in the Norman style) you’ve probably seen the rest. This one was particularly interesting as it was difficult to figure out how to get to different levels of the castle, and that prompted a lot of fun exploring! We finished up the tour and headed back to Cardiff, a very enjoyable trip.

Finer details:

  • Comfort: An older bus but plenty of space for all of us and I managed to snag a solo seat again! The early bird gets the worm 😛
  • Driver: Incredibly involved and excited to show us everything, I believe his name was Adrian. I highly recommend him as he was the most knowledgable about the history and details behind every place we visited. Also incredibly nice as the aforementioned phone died on me and I had no way of telling time, he lent me his flip phone so I didn’t miss the bus.
  • Locations: All super lovely! This is probably my second favorite tour in terms of locations.
  • Price: This tour also does not include the admission fees (which are all reasonable for the locations), however it is a smaller tour and it was really nice to get the more personable experience.

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