My Travel Philosophy

I have a lot of goals in life, and one of the big ones is to see everything. Now, I’m aware that isn’t really possible, but believe me y’all, this is a downgrade from wanting to know everything. I am the kind of person who wants to see the world, not just check places and things off.

Where I’ve “Been”

Even though I have technically been to Spain and Switzerland, as in, I’ve stepped foot in them, I don’t count them on my list of countries. I think it’s rather odd that people think they have “seen a country” if they only spent time in, say, the capital city. Capital cities are, in my opinion, rarely representative of the culture. Even further, countries and culture often vary highly based on whether you are in a mountainous, farming, or coastal area.

I have family in Canada and we went there when I was three – and while I have a fairly stunning and length memory I know I was mostly focused on the mysterious type of bubble gum I’d found in a gas station than on what was actually around me. As such, I don’t feel I’ve really been to Canada.

I hope this makes sense.

How I Consider Things

Anyways, what this means for me is that I need to “live” in a country for a bit, to begin to get an understanding of it. This isn’t always possible, but a general rule for me is having been to the capital city, a much smaller town, and somewhere potentially niche (to give me something wholly different from what the rest of the country perhaps experiences). Obviously, this knocks out a lot of places I’ve been to. I wouldn’t be able to count Italy, which I spent 3ish days in Rome, or even South Korea, where I spent six weeks in Seoul. And that, for me, is encouragement to go back and see more.

While I just wrote a post about seeing more in England, I cannot say I’m particularly urgent about getting back there because I felt like I saw a lot. I hope to go back someday, but it’s not very high on the list anymore. This is in comparison to South Korea, a particularly good example, I think. I really want to go back, not just to see Seoul. There’s things I feel I missed in Seoul, and I’d like to see those on any potential future trip…but I’m wayyyy more excited about the prospect of seeing the rest of South Korea.


I hope this maybe informs some of my posts, and why I lay them out the way I do. I like to try to give some idea of culture, food, history, etc. It’s not always possible because, for the Zurich Airport example, it was more of a personal experience than something that is meant to instruct and help out (aside from my general advice of no long layovers at night!). I always find it interesting when I read about what other bloggers are “looking for” when they travel. For me, it’s in a continual pursuit of knowledge through experience. For others it’s completely about culture, or food, or adventure – all of which I like too! But it’s not my main focus 🙂

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