Become a Digital Nomad: My First Step

So currently there’s a lot happening in my life and I’m only now getting it to settle back down again so I can keep up with these blog posts. I’m moving my schedule from posting everyday to posting every two days. I think this is much more manageable. As I am not currently traveling (but NYC is soon!) I will be shifting focus to things like my opinions on travel. I’ve realized I have a lot to say on the matter of travel in the modern world and I feel I have no better place to share such opinions than here.


While I am still planning on going to South Korea for the next year I am also working towards my goal to become a digital nomad. In the modern era I see no reason why this should not be possible. Internet is everywhere, and most jobs really don’t require seeing one another face to face.

Teaching Online 

Since I still have a few months left here in the USA I needed a job. I’ll admit it took longer than I expected but I am now working for SayABC. It’s not that many hours but I make around $19 an hour teaching children in China English. I’ll have a post up about getting a job like this soon but if you’re enterprising and want a referral code (seems to look good to them) here’s mine: EV35CF. I will get a kick-back for this but feel free to ask me as many questions as you like!

The goal of this is to gain experience in this subject before heading to Korea (and some money). But also I wanted to try out how flexible it can be. I have read about people traveling while only making money from teaching online. While I could not do so with the funds I am currently making, I am hoping to learn more about blogging to supplement anything I make while teaching.

So far I am really enjoying teaching online! I do have to get up early (since the time change though it’s now 5:20AM which is a whole lot better than 4:20). The kids are generally more well behaved than the kids I’ve worked with in the US and I’m also not responsible if they decide to get up and goof off instead of listening ūüėõ It did take a lot of trial and error to figure out what gets their attention and how to keep them occupied though. They do love my cat!

My First Step

I‘m really excited about this first step towards being more free to travel. Even if it’s not exactly what I plan on doing once I leave Korea, it gives me an idea of what I’ll do. I’m looking forward to having a little start-up cash after Korea as well. To “become a digital nomad” sounds like a lot of work but not as much as I might have expected.

Sorry this is a little rambling, I’m still working out that sleep schedule!

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