December 2019 Travel

This month I didn’t do much that was new. I mainly focused on meeting up with friends, starting Tae Kwon Do, and going to shows. Of course, the shows were in Busan which is why I was there twice this month. Things have slowed down for the holidays and in preparation for my longer trips to Japan and Italy soon. I’ve been really tired this month and that’s why I don’t expect to travel this last weekend. Without further ado, my December 2019 Travel!


The only “new” place I went this month. I’ll be honest, I caught a cold the day before I headed there and was fairly miserable the first day. Things took a turn for the much better with an awesome party put on by the hostel owner. For 10,000won there was a neverending supply of meat! Although it is a bit pricier than most hostels I’ve been to at 20,000 won, it was worth it for cheering me up. So stay at BB Guesthouse 🙂

The second day I also had a lot of fun, I went to an adorable village and a sort-of mini-palace that’s just called a Hall. And even though I was sick I gave the Luge thing a try, which is basically go-carting down a giant hill and it was so. much. fun. If I hadn’t been so frozen I would have gone again!

Cost: 74,000won 

Transport: 14,000 roundtrip bus ticket

Housing: 20,000

Food: 20,000

Activities: 17,000 (luge and temple entrance)

Purchases: 3,000 (a post card and two attempts at storing my bag in a locker >.<)



There are a lot of events happening in Busan this month. I headed there for a Star Wars themed show at HQ Bar (which regularly has performances or shows that are popular with foreigners). Be aware that their shows are always a bit pricey because they pay their performers (seemingly well) and sometimes they’re from out of town. This show was 20k won. The following week I was there for Drag Prom which was pretty fun and they’d brought over Soju from Drag Race. I’m not a huge fan of Soju and honestly thought her attitude was pretty bad given her reputation in America but the rest of the show was awesome and only a 10k won entry!

I now have a good friend who lives in Busan and I stay with her, so these trips work out to be pretty cheap!


Where to Next:

In January I’m heading to Japan! It’s coming up really fast as I’m so busy with work the next couple weeks. Luckily I started planning early so most everything is booked. Whew! I’ll go to Fukuoka, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, and Tokyo over the course of 10 days. I’m looking forward to drinking a lot of tea, staying in a Ritz-Carlton for a night, trying sake in Osaka, and experiencing crazy Tokyo and traditional Kyoto!

Although it’s not until February, I’ll probably be very busy with my travels so I’ll mention it here just in case! I’ll be in Italy (the country I most want to revisit!)for 15 days, seeing Rome, The Vatican, Naples, Capri, Florence, Bologna, San Marino, Rimini, and Venice. It may seem like a lot but Naples and Bologna are essentially just for lunch on the way to our other destinations 🙂 And San Marino and The Vatican are half-day trips.

And that’s it for my December 2019 Travel!

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