Applying for a Korean Visa Process (USA)

I have now done a lot of posts about my move to Korea and getting my job their. Most steps of the process are documented in various places around the internet. What surprised me was how little information there was on getting your E-2 teaching visa if you don’t live near an Embassy. So here is the “applying for a Korean Visa Process!”

1. Wait for the arrival of your NOA (Notice of Appointment)

When you get this it should have your contract and certificate of appointment in it. Follow the instructions you are given to sign all the pages and fill out the visa application as instructed. I was given my visa application but if you did not get the application, download it from the same website in the next step.

2. Find your nearest Korean Embassy

Make sure your have the jurisdiction correct. For instance, the Chicago embassy covers around 10 different states. If you’re not sure check out this website which will give you the list of all the embassies in the USA. Then, do a search for that specific embassy’s website. For Chicago, it was this website. You need to find the specific website because it will give you the specific instructions for obtaining your Visa. Some embassies do things differently from others.

3. Mailing Everything Out

Getting a Visa is done differently than I assumed. I thought it would happen upon my arrival in Korea, but no. You have to actually mail in your passport with your application, contract, and NOA certificate. You will only get the certificate back so make sure you take photocopies of whatever you need to. I took all of my documents and passport to my local post office. Priority gets everything wherever you want in two days anyways so I didn’t bother with UPS/Fedex/DHL. The post office will help you figure out what you have to do. Tell them you need a pre-addressed return envelop inside with all of your documents, so you can get your passport and certificate back as soon as possible. Additionally, you will likely have to get a money-order to pay for getting your Visa. As I am a product of the 21st century I barely had any idea what this was, but you can pay for a money order with a credit card so don’t worry if you also never carry cash like me.

4. When you get your Visa back

Make sure that it has all of the correct information. My recruiter let me know they have had people in the past whose Visas’ had been mismarked to say valid for only 13 days as opposed to months. Then, simply store all of your documents and get ready for your trip! I hope this post on the applying for a Korean visa process has been helpful 🙂

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