The Tumbleweeds are a collection of travelers that began with the Tumbly family of Fleur, Indy, and Birdie.  Each has their own unique interests and travel preferences, but one thing is for sure, they all love to travel!

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Sometimes Fleur, Indy, and Birdie travel together.  At other times, they pair up, travel independently, or take a sojourn with friends.  There is always adventure afoot when the Tumbly family hits the road.


I currently live and work in Changwon, South Korea! This means a lot of my posts for the next year will focus on navigating this whole system. I’m loving it so far, and it gives me a great springboard to travel Asia and beyond! I’ve already bought my tickets to Japan and Italy for this winter. I love to drink tea, read books, ice skate, and write books (and blogs)!


I am up for any travel that involves birds, flowers, or communing with nature.  I am a tree hugger from way back. Nothing makes me feel more calm than sitting under a pine tree in the Adirondacks, staring out at the lake. I also enjoy fly-fishing, hiking, and surprisingly, tent camping!


I like to study history and archeology.  Some of my fondest memories are visiting forts and historic locations with my grandparents.  I also enjoy tent camping and hiking, train trips, and fly-fishing.