Places in Korea Besides Seoul

I am living here in Korea for an entire year! I travel a lot. Currently I am traveling 2-3 weekends a month, not including my longer holiday breaks (to be spent in Italy and Japan – and potentially Taiwan and Uzbekistan! One of the things that most annoys me about Korea isn’t even Korea’s fault. It’s the fact that it is almost impossible to find information about places in Korea besides the obvious, such as Busan. So this is Places in Korea Besides Seoul.

So, as I continue to travel Korea I will be updating this post with all of the wonderful places I’ve been to!


IMG 3132

A beautiful fall scene featuring the tomb mounds!

This is my favorite place I’ve been to in Korea. It’s the one I most want to return to. I liked it even more than Seoul! I love to go to places that are unlike anywhere else, and while Seoul is definitely its own special experience, Gyeongju will hold a special place in my heart. Check out my full post on all of the cool things to do in Gyeongju. There’s beautiful bridges, giant tombs, free museums full of gold, temples, palaces, and grottos. What more could you want?


IMG 2767

The gorgeous view of the river from the fortress during the lantern festival.

This is another of my favorite places in Korea, and it’s pretty close to Changwon (where I currently live). While there is an awesome Lantern Festival I highly recommend you attend (it was one of my craziest experiences ever), you should go regardless. It’s got a nice fortress, great cafes, and an amazing dim sum place.

Andong and the Hahoe Village

IMG 2899 1

A tree in Andong where everyone ties their wishes

While my own trip suffered from poor planning, I really enjoyed my weekend in Andong. There is a masked dance festival, but you don’t have to go just for this. Andong is one of the best representations of Korea historically. The Korean government often sends foreign dignitaries to Andong so they can get a good feel for the history. The Hahoe Village is definitely the main highlight and is worth a dedicated day to fully enjoy. Wander the village, check out the museums (the Mask Museum is particularly extensive and free), if the ferry is in operation take it across to the cliff-side, and watch one of the regularly programmed masked dances.


IMG 3526

This gorgeous black sand beach – you won’t find many tourists here!

I went to Yeosu in search of Camellia flowers. Unfortunately, they weren’t really blooming at the time. However, that was ok because there were still tons of other things to do! Beautiful beaches, lots of connected islands, and nature parks (plus a fair bit of history!). I’d mainly come here if you’re interested in nature, there wasn’t a whole lot to do besides gaze at beautiful vistas.


IMG 3557

Kdrama set in Suncheon!

Suncheon manages to balance both natural attractions man-made. The kdrama set was surprisingly fun, I wasn’t expecting a whole lot from it. But the sets really began to transport you back to the times they are set in. Suncheon also has a gorgeous bay and National Gardens that are out of this world fabulous.


At first I wasn’t sure I really liked Tongyeong. The city isn’t very easy to navigate, as it’s spread across many rivers where the bridges are very high to accommodate larger boats. I wandered for around an hour with some lovely port views but not much else, seemingly unable to cross a river no matter which bridge I walked to. However, in the end I loved it. The go-cart “luge” is exhilarating and fun, the Dongpirang Village was vibrant with picturesque views, and despite poor reviews I really enjoyed one of their temples. I highly recommend a trip here, though it may not be necessary to go for more than a day.

I‘ll keep updating! This has been Places in Korea Besides Seoul!

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