Social Media While Traveling

I‘m embarrassed to say I use my phone a lot. Part of it is that I am easily bored and when I’m bored I tend to not handle it well. But when I travel I hardly use my phone at all – sometimes, I would say, I don’t use it enough. So what is the balance to strike in using social media while traveling?

Look First

I‘m bad at taking photos. I took so few my first time in Korea and I regret it. While I have an excellent memory, I have found that certain photos really bring back vivid recollections. However, I like photos to simply be the little trigger to find the memory I already have. I don’t want to look at photos and go “Oh, that must have been fun.” After having taken so few photos in Korea I was very determined to take a lot more when I went to France. My first few days I took a lot of photos and honestly I don’t remember a lot of where/why I took them. I was too busy looking through a viewfinder to actually enjoy the moment.

Now, I make sure to look first, really take in the moment, and then raise my camera.

Consider Other Memory Preservation Options

I actually really want to get a Polaroid camera. I don’t quite know if it’s worth the baggage space but I love the idea of being super careful with what you choose to take photos of. I’ve really started to enjoy writing myself postcards when I’m in a new place, and I feel like it would be nice to have some physical photos to go along with them. When the actual act of preserving the memory is special, I think it makes the memory stronger. The postcards have been some of the most lovely memories I’ve had. I remember quite vividly the setting in which I wrote each, and knowing what I was feeling in the moment is really special. Plus, it makes a nice souvenir as you can almost always find cool and unique postcards.

When to Use Social Media While Traveling

If it hasn’t been patently obvious, I’m not super good at social media. While I consider myself an outgoing person, I’m rather a lurker on social media. I am working to overcome this. I’m also notorious for only updating my personal Facebook page months after going somewhere. I am much more dedicated to the blog, however. I have discovered that the best option while traveling is to pick a platform and update that. Instagram seems easily accessable and it’s what I plan to use. I leave most post writing and large picture uploads to waiting in airports and when I get home. I’ll jot down ideas constantly, but I don’t want to exhaust myself while somewhere new. Usually I’m pretty go-go-go in new places and by the time I get back writing a post would take it out of me.

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