An American Airlines Review

In the past I have reviewed airports. Normally only when they sparked my ire, but I’ve also talked about how wonderful the Korean Incheon airport is. Check out my less than wonderful time in the Zurich Airport. This time I’m going to be reviewing an entire airline, as I feel I’ve accumulated enough experience flying with them to have some say. I’ve flown American by far the most in my traveling time, with little one offs on United, Swiss, etc. This is my American Airlines review!

The Good

  • When something has gone wrong they’ve always been very prompt at providing me with nice hotel stays, meal vouchers, and prompt re-booking. I’ve never had to ask for meal vouchers during significant delays unlike on United (I got them, but I had to ask). They generally also provide very competitive rates when they’re overbooked, with short flights being offered at over $1000 to be rebooked.
  • Generally very good in-flight options for movies. I’ve probably saved over $50 in movie tickets by being able to view everything I just missed while abroad.
  • The flights are generally very comfortable with pillows and blankets provided internationally. Even on short flights leg room in “ok” whereas a recent United flight left even my 5ft1 self feeling cramped.
  • They’re very generous with their carry-on allowances. I’ve brought things double the size and have had no issues. The only thing they can be a little iffy on in some places is if you have a third bag. Even if it’s not a large one and from the very airport you’re leaving from…So make sure everything stuffs into your personal item and your carry on.
  • They seem pretty good on their miles as I’ve managed to accumulate quite a few – enough to completely pay for my one way ticket to Seoul without using even half. Granted a lot came from opening their credit card. Which, I probably wouldn’t recommend as I believe other credit card companies have many more perks for travel…but yeah, I’ve still got enough for a round trip to Boston if I finally give into my desire to go.

The Bad

  • They seemingly are overbooked a lot. It seemed like hardly any AA flight I’ve been on in the past two years has not been overbooked. Offering out flight vouchers like candy. However, if you’re in that game to get vouchers, this American Airlines review is here to let you know they seem to be offered very frequently.
  • They are almost always delayed domestically. I actually can’t think of a single time I have flown them in the US where they have not been delayed. Surprisingly, abroad they have rarely been delayed for me. But, this criticism is one that applies to most flights in the US these days. There seems to be an alarming shortage of pilots, and in some cases crew. This is almost always the reasoning for why the flight is delayed. Sometimes you really have to wonder when they come over the loudspeaker and say “We have no one to fly your plane.”

The Ugly

  • The food. Oh my lord the food. It is by far the worst of any airline I’ve been on. And I don’t believe this nonsense of “oh, you lose the use of a lot of your tastebuds in the air.” Swiss Air had great food. Delicious sandwiches and chocolate. I finally wised up on my way back from London and bought myself a full travel meal from the Gordon Ramsey restaurant in Heathrow. Delicious, even in the sky. The American Airlines food has consistently given me a stomach ache, if I can even eat it at all.

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