Why Group Travel is Better

I‘ve done some posts now on why traveling solo and why traveling as a couple is better. But the hardest one for me to write about is definitely group travel. The reason is that I don’t tend to like group travel. I’m very independent (only child, homeschooled) and I tend to get irritated if I’m around other people for too long. But there are definitely some upsides


Traveling as a group is almost inevitably cheaper than traveling solo, and even cheaper than traveling as a couple. This means there’s a lot of opportunities to do things you wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford to do. It’s actually why I’ve recently started supplementing my solo travel with bus tours. I did this while I was in the UK and am very glad I did. Not only did it mean the cost was much, much less, I also didn’t have to worry about planning everything out, driving, or hopping lots of trains. Just be aware, you will most likely be the only young woman on these who is alone if you’re using this method.


While I love to plan things, sometimes it is really nice to just sit back and think “It’s someone else’s problem to get me from point A to point B.” I really want to do a felucca boat ride down the Nile in Egypt one day, and I would join an organized tour for that. The company will make sure everything works out and that’s that, even if I do have to live in close quarters with a dozen other people. It’s also, again, a whole lot cheaper. It’s also something I probably wouldn’t be able to do otherwise, on my own.

You’ll Make Lifelong Friends

I‘m pretty terrible at keeping up with people. Any friends reading this blog know by now that I can go for weeks not responding to messages. This is partially because I get very anxious about messaging people and whether I’m saying the right thing – and if I see a message late I feel awkward for taking so long to respond and basically it’s a whole mess. But it doesn’t mean I don’t like to make friends and talk to people. I complain about my roommates a lot but the truth is, out of almost every batch of them I’ve wound up with a great friend. This happened in college, South Korea, Oxford, etc. These are friends you can visit and learn about from around the world and from different walks of life.


I feel I’ve already gone over the negatives of group travel without listing them specifically – really, there’s different times when each type of travel is better suited.

Examples for Great Group Travel Countries

-Egypt (felucca boats)

-Mongolia (horseback treks)

-Greece (rent a sailboat!)

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