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Using Italki turned out to be incredibly easy. I searched for a teacher who fit my needs in learning Korean. While I have read that as long as you are structured you do not need the accredited teachers (generally in the $12-20 per hour range) I decided to go with one anyways. I wanted someone who really knew what they were doing. Once I am more confident in my language skills and have a better grasp of conversation, I think I will move to the non-accredited level (around $6-12 per hour).

I found a teacher I liked fairly well, a bit randomly. I have saved a few other teachers to try out as well. You are given three “trial lesson” packages, which mean you can try out three different teachers for a half hour at half price. I think I will do this and decide which I like the best.

She messaged me pretty quickly after I bought the half-hour, asking how long I have been learning Korean. I told her that I have basic conversation skills (and gave a couple example sentences in Korean) and that I’m looking to build on them. I want my focus (right now) to be on sentence building and verbs. I feel like I have my nouns down with my Anki flashcards, at the moment.

The Lesson

I put in my Skype username and my tutor contacted me the day of to accept her request and gave a quick greeting all in Korean – really nice!

Italki sent me reminders both an hour before and a half hour before (I also had an alarm on my phone). Very handy!

Skype worked really well – at one point there was a bit of an issue with the connection (likely on my end as I’m currently using my phone as a hotspot), but this was resolved quickly.

In a half hour I felt like my tutor anticipated the few direct questions I already had (how to make a progressive tense – I wanted to say “I am studying Korean” but only knew present and past tenses). She went over everything carefully and made sure that I understood even difficult concepts. The thing I loved the most was that the whole time she was typing each new Korean word or grammar concept into the Skype chatbox. While I can type in Korean it’s at the rate of about 10 words per minute. My writing skills are worse (dyslexia). Therefore this is incredibly helpful to go back over later as I know there won’t be spelling mistakes, etc.

Highly encouraging, I went ahead and bought a 5 lesson package which got me a 9% discount so that’s cool 😀

If you are interested in joining, I do have a referral code here which will you both you and me $10 in credits after you book a lesson. (this post isn’t sponsored).

My Language Update

Once I reached this level of immersion in French I started feeling an immediate desire to respond to people with certain French phrases instead of English. That’s beginning to happen – I keep wanting to say “of course” in Korean instead of English.

What I am Watching? What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim.

So far it’s super good and all I want to do is dress like Secretary Kim! I actually found a dupe of one of her dresses and I keep having to stop myself from clicking the “purchase” button.

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