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The general consensus of most travelers is that Scandinavia is expensive. This is very hard to deny, but I think it can be done for a reasonable amount. It’s not Southeast Asia, but Finland is also probably one of the “cheaper” of the Scandinavian countries. Hostels are generally available and for what I would consider a reasonable price of an average of 25euros a night. One of the things I have been fascinated by in the countries of Norway, Sweden, and Finland, is the northern vs. the more southern cultures, so I would focus on seeing both in each country. I love traveling by train and the prices seem fairly reasonable for that mode of transport as well. This is “What to do in Finland!”

Language: Finnish

While the other languages in Scandinavia could technically be considered mutually intelligible, Finnish is less so. It comes from a completely separate language family, the Uralic family, which is more closely related to Russian than it is to Norwegian or Swedish.

Currency: The Euro, generally fairly stable, and there’s not really a better or worse time to go, ever. The difference is in pennies.

What I’d Do There

finland helsinki

Finland Helsinki

Helsinki: I can’t avoid the capital, and why would I want to? There’s islands to take ferry rides to such as Uunisaari with it’s beaches and Suomenlinna where there’s the largest Sea Fortress in the world (and a UNESQO World Heritage Sites). Not only that, I’d mainly want to wander around this city, filled with parks and churches – I’d probably choose a tour from Tori Square because there’s just a lot going on in this city and any information is helpful. I love markets, so Market Square and the Old Market will be musts.

Hiekkasärkät: I hadn’t ever considered visiting a coastal area in such a northern country, but now I realize I’ve overlooked such an idea. The pictures remind me of Florida on a “cold” day, but with pine trees, I think it’d be fascinating.

Turku: I know you’re likely tired of hearing what fascinates me, but I find “old capital cities” to be an interesting point to learn about. Turku is one of those cities, whose history dates back to the 13th century. It’s actually an archipelago, which can be explored by a variety of means from bikes to ferries. I’d definitely visit the Turku Castle and Cathedral as each are full of centuries of history.

Bonus! Three Countries at Once!

Three Country Cairn: I know this is ridiculous but it does seem like a fun idea to be technically standing in three countries all on one tiny island. There’s a meeting point between Sweden, Norway, and Finland on this tiny man-made island. It’s pretty far up north so I feel like on my way to make my there and, you know, do a quick little lap of three countries.

I hope this has given you an idea for what to do in Finland!

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