Traveling Through Small Towns

This is another new series of mine. I have lived in a lot of smaller towns in the US and I love to visit small towns in other countries. However, I think much of small-town America gets ignored by the average travel blogger. You never know when you’ll need to plan a stop on your way to bigger destinations – or maybe you’ll experience burnout from the larger cities and need a place to wind down in for a couple of days. Traveling through small towns is almost a part of daily life in America, so why don’t we focus on it a little more?

I’m going to be doing small spotlights on many of these places. I’m hoping to spread it out and get at least one in for each state, beginning with the ones I’ve actually visited or lived in. From there I will move on to places friends have lived in, and so on and so forth. I want to focus on shorter activities, or activities near by. Places that don’t cost a lot, so a couple museums or parks, plus a place or two to eat.

This is experimental, I’ve really on got plans for two places in New York, one in Iowa, and two in Florida, so I may only have this as a short feature. But I do think it would be nice, so if I see support for it I’ll figure out how to continue it! Stay tuned next week for my first post on Deland, Florida, where I spent most of my life growing up!


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